Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

This is an image I created in photoshop from a photograph I took of a rusty water tank.

Final result

The next image shows the tank in its natural form.

Rusty Water Tank

This next image is a closeup I took of the tank using a dark neutral density filter and a very slow shutter speed and then moved the camera side to side or up and down while the shutter was open. 
The final result is very dull and there are a lot of dirt spots I have to remove before I can do anything with the image.

Not a very pretty image!

I use the levels tool to bring out contrast and detail, I add some color saturation and can even change the color to something else.

This is with added saturation, but no color change.

Some of my favorite colors

On the final image, I cut out a square portion in a duplicate image and pasted it into a new file. Then I used the smudge tool to draw a heart shape and smudged some swirls inside the heart. I did this pretty fast as I don't have the patience to make every thing look perfect. Besides, its not a perfect world.
I also used the posterize tool to see what would happen and I liked the effect it gave.
This is just a brief description of the process. It is a good idea to write everything that is done to an image right at the time it is being done. In my case, I remember to do it after and then I have to try to remember all the steps. I'm not a photoshop whiz, just like to dabble here and there.