Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All The Rage!

Trying to keep up with the demand of these hot bracelets inspired by (name has been removed!). I offer my bracelets on Etsy. You can click here to see more detail.
I like to make them with puka shells.
I like to make them with puka shells that I have found on the beaches here on Maui.
Multiple wrap
Triple wrap
Wedding Wrap
I have a special limited edition "wedding wrap" with pearly white leather.
Red Hot Lava, inspired by our great volcano Haleakala
Fire Agate
Fire Agate is a semi-precious natural gemstone found only in certain areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Approximately 24-36 million years ago these areas were subjected to massive volcanic activity during the Tertiary Period. The fire agates were formed during this period of vulcanism when hot water, saturated with silica and iron oxide, repeatedly filled cracks and bubbles in the surrounding rock. Read more...

In 1974, at the foot of the Bahoruco Range, the coastal province of Barahona, Miguel Méndez and Peace Corps volunteer Norman Rilling rediscover Larimar on a beach. Natives, who believed the stone came from the sea, called the gem Blue Stone. Miguel took his young daughter's name Larissa and the Spanish word for sea (mar) and formed Larimar, by the colors of the water of the Caribbean Sea, where it was found. Read more about Larimar...


Monday, January 30, 2012

Custom Maui Note cards

I am now creating beautiful blank Maui Note cards or greeting cards with my images. You can choose any 5 from a set. These are listed on my Etsy photography shop. Printed on Premium glossy photo paper, prints are 4x6 and total card size is 5x7. All are titled and signed on the front.

From the tropical flowers set

From the Maui scenery set

Maui scenes set

Tropical plants and flowers set
Ocean/surf set

To see my Etsy shop, click on this link.